Alcohol and Drug Counselor CC

Education, Human Services and Criminal Justice Department | C.P.C.C. Career Pathway Certificate of Completion | 6 months

Join the Alcohol and Drug Counselor certificate program at Clackamas Community College and learn how to counsel others as they combat substance abuse or addiction.

The Alcohol and Drug Counselor certificate program will prepare you to assist others as they fight the battle of substance abuse or addiction. Drug and alcohol abuse leave lasting effects on the human mind and body; we can supply you with the knowledge on how to help others combat them and achieve a healthy way of life. This certificate fulfills the education requirements for those seeking the Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor I certification.

Alcohol and Drug Counselor CC

Job Outlook
Description and Outcomes

Alcohol & Drug Counselor Core Requirements

Complete the following requirements
  • HE-163
  • Body & Drugs I: Introduction to Abuse & Addiction
  • 3
  • HE-164
  • Body & Drugs II: Alcohol
  • 3
  • HS-103
  • Ethics for Human Service Workers
  • 2
  • HS-104
  • Using Diagnostic Criteria in Addiction Treatment
  • 1
  • HS-156
  • Conducting Human Service Interviews
  • 3
  • HS-211
  • Infectious Diseases and Harm Reduction
  • 1
  • HS-216
  • Group Counseling Skills
  • 3
Total Credits Required: 16