CCC Music Festivals

The music department at Clackamas Community College has orchestrated quality music festivals since 1971, bringing high school students from all parts of the Northwest to the CCC campus to perform and compete. The college now hosts several festivals, giving some 75 schools and thousands of students the opportunity to perform in the Niemeyer Center for the most prestigious of judges - professionals at the top of their respective fields! See below for specific information about festivals, including applications, directions, and results from the previous year's festival.


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Music Festivals include:

NW Invitational Concert Band Contest - March 8, 2022
38th Annual Vocal Jazz Festival - March 10, 2022
50th Annual Instrumental Jazz Festival - March 11-12, 2022
Music Performance and Technology Festival 2022
6th Annual Garage Band Competition 2022
7th Annual Invitational Orchestra Festival - April 9, 2022