Request to Adjust Accommodations

The DRC may need documentation from students requesting to adjust accommodations. See below for documentation details. Please refer to the documentation guidelines hand out if needed. The form does not guarantee an accommodation adjustment.

When to use this form

  • If the student has a new condition(s) to request accommodations for.
    • Submit documentation that states diagnosis.
  • If a condition(s) the student has already requested accommodations for is impacting them differently.
    • Student may need to submit documentation from medical provider stating new impact.
  • If the student is currently receiving temporary accommodations and needs to receive temporary accommodations for another term.
    • Student may need to submit documentation showing proof of appointment for diagnosis or testing or showing status of on going condition such as treatment progress records.

Steps and process

  1. Fill out and submit the below form.
  2. Gather any supporting documentation if applicable.
  3. Email this form and additional documentation to
  4. The DRC will review the request, a DRC staff member who did not do the students intake may perform a secondary review before final decision.
  5. A DRC staff member will contact the student to discuss the approval or denial of request.

Contact the Disability Resource Center