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Peer Assistant

The Peer Assistant program gives CCC students a chance to earn tuition waivers in exchange for service in a leadership role to an academic or administrative department on campus. Peer assistants provide customer service to a variety of administrative departments.

Applying to be a Peer Assistant

Complete the Student Employment and Leadership Opportunities application. Questions can be directed by email to or by phone to 503-594-3444.

Peer Assistants receive tuition waiver as compensation for work. Please note waivers cover tuition only (not fees), and can impact (or be impacted by) a student's overall financial aid package. Please contact for questions about waiver eligibility/impact.

Peer assistant program opportunities

Admissions Center
Advising and Career Services
Counseling Department
Disability Resource Center
Transportation Systems
Student Life and Leadership
Multicultural Center
College Navigator Team
Wacheno Student Services Hub
Institutional Research and Reporting
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